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Writer’s Block – I Fear You Not.

So, today’s the big day.  You are going to dive into your writing project and really get something done. Forget that this is the 63rd big progress day, and that during the previous progress days nothing got done. This time is different. Only it isn’t.
You sit down, eager and willing, open up your word processor and DING! You have email. Super, I’ll just quickly check and then get on with my writing. 20 email exchanges, a couple of rounds of Angry Birds, and 2 unhealthy snacks later, you notice you are out of time. Well, there is always tomorrow. Only, there isn’t.
So, what are you going to do?  It is time to take control of your writing and GET IT DONE.  Many writers, academics and creative types spend way to much time worrying about the generative process and hardly enough on doing the writing.  Writing is a skill that gets easier with practice and repetition. So here are some ideas to keep progress moving forward.
Make writing a priority. Life can and will happen. Other things can appear to be more pressing, so when it is time to write make sure that in your head and everyone else’s that writing is priority one. This seems simple and obvious, but is probably one of the toughest rules to follow.
Make a dedicated time. I don’t care if it’s 15 minutes or 3 hours, make a time you can and will  commit to writing and stick with it.  You will be amazed and how much can get accomplished when you stick to a schedule. Make sure to spend as much time as possible actually writing. There is no need to start at the beginning. Chapter 2 is often easier than chapter 1. Work on end-notes or a bibliography or outline later chapters. If you get stuck, free associate on paper. Just keep going.
Defend against distractions. Commit to closing your email programing, turning off message alert sounds, and putting the phone ring on mute. Writing can be tough and you don’t need the external world helping you avoid what need’s to get done.
Have a good work space. Make sure you have a generatively conducive environment within which to generate. Clear organized, dedicated spaces with few distractions are the goal. Many people imagine themselves curled up in a cozy coffee shop typing away on their magnum opus, while being inspired by the ebb and flow of humanity. Most of these people end up with coffee drenched laptops and very little to show for their time.
When stuck, move.  If you are stuck in a rut, get up and move, go for a walk, jog or get on a stair climber. The change of scenery may help stir the creative juices, or at minimum help you get some much needed activity and fresh air. Remember to bring a note-pad, phone or other recoding device, because you would be amazed at how many brilliant exercise induced inspirations vaporize into the aether when not stored for future retrieval.
Be positive and have fun. Loads of research has shown that a more positive attitude and outlook can help you see more options and find more creative solutions. Use a “broaden and build” base to create a virtuous cycle. As with everything, find some way to make the activity enjoyable. Remind yourself why you are doing it. Create micro-rewards for micro-goals.