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Writer’s Block – I Fear You Not.

So, today’s the big day.  You are going to dive into your writing project and really get something done. Forget that this is the 63rd big progress day, and that during the previous progress days nothing got done. This time is different. Only it isn’t. You sit down, eager and willing, open up your word Continue Reading

What strengths are most associated with happiness and how do I develop them?

So let’s now look at the relationship between character strengths and well-being. Which strengths are most related to happiness and what good does that knowledge do us?  Well we are in luck in that there are ways to practice the 5 strengths most associated with happiness and build them up. By doing some of these Continue Reading

The Modern Evolution of Internal Enlightenment

  I will confine my thoughts to the last four decades partially because of the limited scope of this forum and partially because those are the only decades I can attest to being physically in existence.  I am, after all, a meager 45 years old. The 70’s were about disco, bellbottoms, a bicentennial in the Continue Reading

Strengths, Strengths, Strengths – Why are you always talking about strengths?

Let’s talk about strengths, baby Let’s talk about you and me Let’s talk about all the good things And the bad things that may be (well, mostly the good things here) – with apologies to Salt N Pepa What do I mean when I talk about strengths and why does it matter? There is a Continue Reading